[English] Review Mandalorian ARTFX+ by Kotobukiya

Today we are pleased to present our review of a spectacular figure. We present our review of the ARTFX + that Kotobukiya dedicates to Mandalorian based on the Star Wars series entitled "The Mandalorian".

In this review we will describe what our feelings have been with this figure and, in the end, you can read our final conclusions:


Company: Kotobukiya
High: 18,5 cm
Scale: 1/10
Material: ABS / PVC
On Sale: December de 2019
Price: De 80€ a 120€ on Spain
Packaging: Closed box type illustrated with photos of the figure.

Without a doubt, Disney's Mandalorian + series has marked a before and after in the Star Wars universe. Thanks to her we have discovered that there are many stories that have not yet been told about this universe and whose characters can give much more to the fan than if we were only with the filmography of the saga.

With this spirit, Kotobukiya presents the ARTFX + dedicated to Mandalorian. A figure with a very good quality of details that introduces us to this mythical character. This figure is designed with love and offers the fan an exact representation of this great character to add to our collection of Star Wars figures. The figure includes a magnetic pedestal that we simply cannot place and expose the pos figure alone in our collection. An ideal option for all those that space in our showcases is a problem.

We loved the level of detail that the Mandalorian armor possesses. Each of the plates is treated separately making the paint different in each centimeter of the figure. The pose, although it cannot be varied, shows the spirit and potential of this character making the figure look even more powerful than it already is. The head has a ball joint that will allow us to change the angle of it and thus be able to expose this figure in the best way in our collection.

Very good feelings in general in a figure whose potential and quality make it essential for every fan of the Star Wars saga.

Below you can see the images we have made of this figure and in the end you can read our final conclusion:

In favor:
  • The neck ball joint, allowing us to pose the figure as we like and that is great in our collection.
  • The immense quality that Kotobukiya has when painting his figures is unbeatable. The different areas of the figure are very well differentiated and each one has a different reflection depending on where you look at it.
  • The pedestal that, although not necessary, allows us if we want to place this figure in a more "classic" and orderly way.
  • The closed ARTFX packaging still doesn't like us too much.
  • Perhaps we need an extra arm to be able to vary the "standard" pose with which this figure comes. Since we have the moving head, we could have used it more with a relaxed arm or without the gun.
Finishes: 6/10
Quality / Price: 6/10
Versatiility: 7/10
Realism: 8/10

Total: 6,75 / 10

Thanks for reading! See you in the next review!

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