[English] Review ARTFX + Miles Morales -Hero Suit Ver.- by Kotobukiya

Today we are pleased to present our review of a spectacular figure. We present our review of the ARTFX + that Kotobukiya dedicates to Miles Morales dressed in his Sider-Man suit based on the movie Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

In this review we will describe what our feelings have been with this figure and, in the end, you can read our final conclusions:


Company: Kotobukiya
Height: 15.5 cm
Scale: 1/10
Sculptor: Victor Hugo Sousa
Material: ABS / PVC
Sale on : December 2019
Price: From € 80 to € 120 in Spain

Packaging: Closed box type illustrated with film motifs

The animated film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse has marked a lot the vision that many people of the classic Spider-Man had to date, especially if we talk about the cinematographic theme. In this figure Kotobukiya presents Miles Morales with excellent quality of detail in a figure that, although simple, contains different points that bring us closer to the type of animation of the film.

Apart from the spider-shaped pedestal on it, Kotobukiya has included a shadow behind Miles Morales to give the figure a realistic animation point that takes us into the film.

The figure itself only has a couple of points from which you can take pictures since it is not a figure created to exhibit in 360 degrees but it is a figure to expose it from the front. This somewhat detracts points from the figure, but the chosen pose and the contrast with the shadow behind it gives the figure much more realism than if they had done it thinking about 360 degrees.

Without a doubt this is an essential figure for all collectors of figures in general. Its quality and potential are unique and will give your collection a unique presence.

Below you can see the images we have made of this figure and in the end you can read our final conclusion:

In favor:
  • The shadow detail behind is very innovative and we loved it. It gives an animation point to the figure we love.
  • The immense quality that Kotobukiya has when painting his figures is unbeatable. The different areas of the figure are very well differentiated and each one has a different reflection depending on where you look at it.

  • Both the figure and the pedestal are the simplest in terms of creation. It weighs very little and this gives you a feeling of simplicity that does not favor the figure at all.
  • The closed ARTFX packaging still doesn't like us too much.
  • The shadow is attached to the figure by a point of attachment without lace. This makes the figure literally hang from the shadow causing it to sometimes get out of it.
Finish: 6/10
Quality/ Prize: 5/10
Versatility: 6/10
Realism: 8/10

Total: 6,25 / 10

Thanks for reading! See you in the next review!

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