[English] Review Bishoujo Statue Twilight Sparkle by Kotobukiya

Today we want to present our review of one of the figures in the Bishoujo Statue collection most loved by fans. We present the Bishoujo Statue of the lovely Twilight Sparkle of My Little Pony.

Below you can see the images we have made of this figure and know what our feelings have been with her:

The Bishoujo Statue collection by Kotobukiya has become over the years one of the most followed collections by fans. The touch that illustrator Shunya Yamashita has managed to give to classic forgiveness and acquaintances of all kinds of genres has made this a collection that currently has thousands of fans around the world.

Today we want to present the first Bishoujo Statue that Kotobukiya dedicates to the television series My Little Pony. This is the Bishoujo Statue of Twilight Sparkle. A statue with a colorama of the most powerfull and an exquisite pose that perfectly represents the Twilight Sparkle that we all know. Kotobukiya has had great success by including a small figure of the original Pony that this figure represents so that we can have both versions in our possession. 

The quality of Kotobukiya is evident in every inch of this figure. The gradient color of the Twilight Sparkle suit and the different shades of its skin give the figure a unique finish and gives it a quality that very few companies can offer.

Below you can see the detailed images that we have made to this figure and, at the end of the post, you can read our final conclusions:

Below you can read our final conclusions about this figure:

In favor:
  • The color finish of the skin and the Twilight Sparkle suit is wonderful. Kotobukiya demonstrates its quality over short distances.
  • That we have Twilight in its Pony version on the pedestal is a great point that gives the figure an ideal touch.
  • The transformation that Shunya Yamashita has made of Twilight Sparkle perfectly represents the original Pony.
  • The pedestal seems very simple and flat at times. It should have a little more texture or resemble a diorama rather than a simple pedestal.
  • The packaging, although correct, does not correctly show the potential that this figure has inside.
Finish: 8/10
Quality / Price: 8/10
Versatility: 7/10
Realism: 9/10

Total: 8 / 10

Thanks for reading! See you in the next review!
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