[English] Review Bishoujo Statue Pinkie Pie by Kotobukiya

Today we want to present our review of one of the figures in the Bishoujo Statue collection most loved by fans. We present the Bishoujo Statue of the lovely Pinkie Pie of My Little Pony.

A continuación podéis ver las imágenes que le hemos realizado a esta figura y conocer cuales han sido nuestras sensaciones con ella: 

After we did the review of the Bishoujo Statue of Twilight Sparkle we thought it would be very difficult to overcome that work of art, but Kotobukiya has shown us again how wrong we were.

This Bishoujo Statue by Pinkie Pie has all the qualities of its predecessor: Realism, excellent detail quality, dynamic, fantastic use of colors ... But the hair and finishes are far superior to the previous Bishoujo.

We know the original Pinkie Pie perfectly, she is exuberant, enthusiastic, happy, fun and cheerful at the best. This is why Shunya Yamashita's transformation of this character is simply perfect. He has been able to perfectly recreate all these features in a single figure and Kotobukiya has given him the realism that the illustration lacked.

The best of this figure? The main feature of the Pony he represents, the punch. The hair of this Bishoujo is simply a beauty. Its dynamism, its quality of details, its undulation ... is simply perfect.

You yourselves in the images that come next you can see in detail all that we have told you, but still, we recommend that you acquire this great figure because it is so worth it. Having it in front of them is one of those figures that, although you don't know where they come from, you fall in love.

Below you can see the images we have made of this beautiful Bishoujo and, in the end, you can read our final conclusions:

Below you can read our final conclusions about this figure:

In favor:
  • The skin color finish and the Pinkie Pie suit is wonderful. Kotobukiya demonstrates its quality over short distances.
  • The fact that we have Pinkie Pie in her Pony version on the pedestal is a great point that gives the figure an ideal touch.
  • The transformation that Shunya Yamashita has made of Pinkie Pie perfectly represents the original Pony.
  • Pinkie Pie's hair is simply a masterpiece.
  • The pedestal seems very simple and flat at times. It should have a little more texture or resemble a diorama rather than a simple pedestal.
  • The packaging, although correct, does not correctly show the potential that this figure has inside.
Finish: 9/10
Quality / Price: 8/10
Versatility: 7/10
Realism: 9/10

Total: 8,25 / 10

Thanks for reading! See you in the next review!

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