[English] Review ARTFX+ Statue Ant-Man and the Wasp

Today we want to share with you our review of one of the most loved ARTFX+ of the collection Marvel Avengers Series from Kotobukiya. We are glad to share with you the review of  the ARTFX+ of Ant-Man and the Wasp.

Below you can see the images we have made of this amazing ARTFX + from Ant-Man and the Wasp:

Honestly, after seeing some of Kotobukiya's ARTFX + we thought nothing could surprise us, but we loved this ARTFX + Statue. Both the color combination and the pose are perfect to represent the unique style and style that Ant-Man has in the comics. Every inch of this figure is designed to create an atmosphere around you that catches you as soon as you see it.

Although the assembly of the ARTFX + removes a little "magic" to unboxing, we must say that this figure shines as soon as you just assembled it. In addition, the fact that, apart from the figure of Ant-Man, you include a smaller figure of The Wasp and an Ant-Man figure mounted on a smaller ant makes them as compatible with the rest of figures from the ARTFX + collection.

Below you can see the images that we have made to this figure and, in the end, you can know our final conclusions:

You can read below our final conclusions about this figure:

In favor:
  • The figure has a perfect color combination. The great quality of the paint finish is noted in each centimeter.
  • The base, although simple, is enough to perfectly highlight the red color of the Ant-Man suit and thus be able to see the figure in the foreground.
  • We have not found any failure or demoulding mark or anything similar. It shows that what we have before us is a quality figure made by and for collectors.
  • The fact that they add a small figure of Ant-Man riding an ant and the figure of The Wasp gives an extra touch to the figure.
  • Windowless packaging and the fact that we have to assemble the figure takes away some "magic" from unboxing.
  • With a little extra shading in Ant-Man's suit, he would have been a perfect figure.

Fibish: 7/10
Quality / Price: 7/10
Versatility: 7/10
Realism: 7/10

Total: 7 / 10

Thanks for reading! See you in the next review!

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